Following the trends of digital marketing and implementation of Virtual and Augmented Reality, the classical POP and POS formats live a totally new life. The creativity of designers and marketeers generate incredible solutions for the end clients. But how do marketing agencies manage their time efficiently between several projects in order to implement all of them on time?

A stuffed agenda, deadline stress and overall lack of time are the main concerns the professionals face in this field. To cope with these concerns, not only do they have to be very well organised, but they also need to be aware of the “smart solutions” at their disposal. Using innovative materials, for example, can save them, their suppliers and their clients much needed time when working on a project.

In that respect, AppFactoryhas noticed an upcoming trend in the industry: more and more marketeers are having the floor stickers for their campaigns printed on our Master Floor Sticker adhesive paper. Because of its special anti-slip coating, the sticker doesn’t need to be laminated, which saves the printer manpower costs and production time. Master Floor Sticker is very easy to apply and professional application skills are not needed for the smaller sizes. Even employees of the end user, e.g. a supermarket or shopping centre, can apply them. That saves hours and hours of coordination with the printer or sign maker, their application team, and the contact person(s) at the end client’s location(s).

When removing floor stickers printed on AppFactory’s polyester material, they don’t break and don’t leave residue. This means you don’t lose time cleaning the floor which is immediately available for new attractive and innovative marketing projects. By saving so much time, marketeers can get more out of their budget, and thus optimize the service towards their customers, simply by choosing our “smart solution”.

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