New in our range: mineral-filled PP produced with up to 40% natural mineral content. That's what makes this synthetic paper even more sustainable than any other synthetic paper solution. Below mineral PP facts can give you more insights on why this durable material is so eco-friendly:

Reduced CO₂ emission into the atmosphere (300 kg CO₂ eq./ton)
Made in EU (base & coating)
Clean aqueous top coating
Reduced TiO₂ pigment consumption
Reduced water consumption of raw materials
Detectable by NIR equipment used within the recycling industry

Besides the sustainable aspect of mineral PP, this paper solution also shares a lot of the same benefits like polyester paper. It is compatible for both Dry Toner & HP Indigo, it has a very soft feel (no lamination needed) and yet it is still very easy to fold, crease, stitch and glue. Moreover, mineral PP is also completely weather-, water- and chemical proof, and therefore virtually indestructible.

Mineral PP has the perfect look & feel for menus, tags and booklets, but can be applied for basically any other purpose, if durability and sustainability is what you're looking for.

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