About Us

About Us

Our mission

AppFactory started in 2012 with a clear goal: to boost the printing industry’s potential by showing it all the advantages and possibilities of synthetic print media.

We chose for a niche product approach and specialized in polyester based materials because its properties make it the most qualitative synthetic material to work with. 

Why clients love us

Experts in Synthetic print media

High quality products

Devoted to customers

Fast delivery

Our products are OEM-certified

Our synthetic print media have been tested and approved by all the major brands of digital printers. Over time we have created a customer base that contains printing companies from all over the world and organisations who can take care of their own printing.

Company culture

The AppFactory culture is best described by the following story. We go back to a certain Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and the working week is calmly coming to an end. There’s an easy atmosphere and jokes, laughs and subtle puns are flying across the office. To grab a drink and have a toast to life would almost seem natural.


Then, a customer calls: “I have a problem and need your help. I want to order product X. Can it please be shipped out today?”


Question 1 was an easy yes, of course. Question 2 would be a challenge because his call came in five minutes before the courier service would arrive to pick up the orders of the day. So, we all switched on our serious business mode and five minutes later the order was booked, packed, labelled and the paper work was finished. Right on time to hand it over to the arriving courier.


That’s who we are: A fun gang that would move mountains to put a smile on a customer’s face.

Meet the team

Irmak Dalyan
Synthetic Print Media Expert
Anja Genetello
Synthetic Print Media Expert
Jeffrey Guilmot
Synthetic Print Media Expert

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