About synthetics

About synthetics

Why choose synthetic print media

Synthetic print media is an innovative solution for durable print applications. Made from a polyester base and coated specifically for digital printing, polyester print media can’t be torn and are resistant to scratches, water, alcohol, chemicals and oils. Moreover, losing time on lamination is out of the picture. (And it looks better too!)

Why printers love it

No lamination required

No static build-up

Optimal toner adhesion

High image quality

Our products are OEM-certified

Expert synthetic print media have been tested and approved by all the major brands of digital printers. Over time, we have created a customer base that contains printing companies from all over the world and organisations who can take care of their own printing.

Top 6 questions about synthetic paper

With Expert polyester films you can produce durable printing applications that can withstand several difficult circumstances. Without having to laminate because Expert PET films are inherently:

- Waterproof: Laser printed samples have been submerged in seawater for months without damage. Successful tests have also been carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Defence for submarine manuals (toner printed).

- Tear and scratch proof: Ask for a sample and test it out for yourself. You’ll see that you cannot tear Expert PET films like you would paper without lamination. The special coating on Expert PET films ensures you cannot scratch of the toner.

An A4 sheet of 95µ Polyester, under tension, will easily support a weight of 150kgs.

Expert PET films withstand the roughest handling and harshest environments thanks to its unique coating properties which makes it tear and scratch resistant and even resilient to alcohol-containing liquids.

It depends on location, but we would expect a life in excess of 3 years before any noticeable deterioration occurs.

Yes, all our PET films are 100% PVC-free. Moreover, all our toner receptive coatings, made under normal manufacturing conditions, are 100% PVC-free as well.

Yes, they are suitable for most dry toner (laser/LED) processes, both mono and colour production printers & digital presses.

Countless applications

Hospitality sector
Retail sector
Recreational sector
Military & government sector
Medical sector
Industrial sector
Educational sector
Diverse sector
Agricultural sector