Environmental Policy

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Our environmental policy

is loud and clear. We are not just about producing synthetic paper solutions that are durable and of the highest quality possible. The environmental and eco-friendly aspect is also very important to us.


Our goal is to provide companies with synthetic paper - not only because it's much more durable than regular paper - but also because it has a significant positive impact on the environment compared to other paper solutions. Because of the feel and resistance of synthetic paper, lamination or encapsulation is not necessary. That is one way to reduce the use of plastic. Polyester paper is also one of the most innocent plastics and when recycled correctly, it can be categorized as eco-friendly.


We do the best we can to make sure that our products remain of the best quality while we work on ways to provide you with synthetic paper solutions that are also very eco-friendly at the same time. That's why we've recently added mineral PP to our range, which consists of 40% natural mineral content. The environmental aspect is very important to us at AppFactory and we will continue to work on even more sustainable paper solutions to provide you with.






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