Why polyester?

Why Polyester base film?

Polyester films (PET) have good stiffness with high dimensional (no curling or stretching for roll-up applications) and temperature stability (toner applications). They are bi-axially oriented during the manufacturing process which develops a very high tensile strength and are largely unaffected by the high fuser temperatures in Laser printers, or UV lamps when UVC printed. They are relatively inert and as such benign to the environment
after disposal.

Is Polyester Waterproof?

Yes. Laser printed samples have been submerged in seawater for months without damage. Successful    tests have also been carried out on behalf of the MOD for submarine manuals (toner printed).

How strong is Polyester?

An A4 sheet of 95 micron Polyester, under tension, will easily support a weight of 150kgs (330 lbs)!

How long will Polyester last outdoors?

This does depend on location but we would expect a life in excess of 3 years before any noticeable deterioration occurred.

Will Polyester burn?

Polyester can be combusted only by remaining in continuous contact with a flame. If the flame source is stationary, the film will shrink away and self-extinguish.
Film remaining in contact with a flame can continue to burn slowly. Irritating fumes may be evolved at very high temperatures which are only likely to be reached in a major fire.

Can Polyester Hydro-coated film be recycled?

All our polyester films (HydroJet,     HydroSol,     HydroPrint & HydroPrint UVC) have special aqueous coatings designed to optimise print performance in various Digital Equipment & as such are not classed as PET for recycling. They come under category 7, other plastics. As inert materials they can be buried in approved landfill facilities. In addition, they can be incinerated safely & are a potential source of energy

Does Polyester coated films meet any toy safety or food regulations?

HydroPrint is approved to EN 71-3:1994 Safety of Toys - Part 3: Migration of certain elements. This standard contains requirements which limit the amount of toxic metals (e.g. lead) in the materials used to make toys. HydroPrint does not emit any vapours or smells within the normal operating range of -20 to +35 Deg. C. Although not approved for use in direct contact with food it can be suitable as the basis for digitally printed tags mounted in suitable frames to promote/describe food items displayed in cooler and general display cabinets.

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