Expert 16


Product description:

Expert 16 is a 160 gsm / 5 mil / 120μ white matt aqueous coated polyester-based synthetic paper. Suitable for printing with most laser and dry toner printers. The advantages of synthetic papers include durable, weatherproof, tear resistant and lamination free applications.


Suitable for most thermal transfer and dry toner (laser/LED/flash fusion) print processes, both mono and colour small-volume, mid-volume & production machines. On such machines the user must establish for themselves the optimum settings and paper path, being aware of the thickness and weight of the material. The printable surface is also suitable for screen print, offset litho (using fully oxidising inks).

Applications and characteristics:

It has a smooth matt surface giving a strong dense image with excellent print adhesion and can be printed on both sides where equipment allows.

  • Water resistant, wipe-able and punch-able.
  • Ideal for presentations and signs – no protection necessary!
  • Can also be used to create instruction manuals & documents for use in harsh environments and replaces the need for paper to be printed and then encapsulated.


Operating manuals

Cook books

Medical files



Availability Europe

A4: 100 | 1000

A3: 100 | 500

SRA3: 100 | 500

Availability US & Canada

8.5″ x 11″: 7 | 100 | 1000

8.5″x 11″ 3HD: 100 | 1000

11″ x 17″: 100 | 500

12″ x 18″: 50 | 500