Customer: A real estate agency that specialises in luxurious and exclusive properties.

Customer challenge 1: Images of the properties on display needed to reflect their exclusive nature. The currently used product couldn’t provide the desired quality.

Customer challenge 2: To save time and optimise profitability, the agency wanted to be able to print the images on their office printers.

Customer challenge 3: Static build-up had to be avoided for easy printing.

Customer must have: Direct and fast service


Solution 1: Our customer equipped their LED displays with AppFactory’s Expert 12TL Translucent synthetic papers. The light dissipation capacities of this material give the pictures of the displayed houses that extra touch that might convince potential buyers to go give them a look. The smooth matt surface gives a strong toner adhesion that leads to strong, vibrant images.

Solution 2: Expert Translucent and Backlight products are compatible with most dry toner printers. A big production printer is not needed for the thinner versions. Because of this, our customer could print the images of the properties on its office printers.

Solution 3: Expert synthetic papers have high anti-static properties. Especially compared to products from competing brands.

“The previous material we used,” the owner says, “gave all sorts of trouble when printing because of static build-up. Sheets would very often stick together. With Expert 12TL that problem is resolved.”

 AppFactory’s Excellent Customer Service

 “AppFactory's service is remarkable. When we place an order, we know the materials will be delivered the next day.” – Didier Huysewinkel, Huysewinkel BVBA

 Expert Translucent (TL) and Backlight (BL) Product features

  • Compatible with dry toner laserprinters
  • Available in A4, A3 and SRA3
  • Highly anti-static
  • No lamination needed
  • Optimal toner adhesion
  • Vibrant image colours
  • No complex printer settings required
  • Water and tear resistant
  • grease-, petrol-, chemical- and oil proof


To find out more about the product and how it can help you to save time and maximize profit, contact our Synthetic Print Media Experts.