It is finally there! Our Expert 15BK PET film has always been a customer favourite because of its deep black colour, but “wouldn’t it be great if this was also available in a thicker version?” Well, from now on, it is! Expert 36BK is our new deep black PET film of 366 gsm. It’s perfect for business cards, menu cards, invitations etc. with luxurious appeal. It’s printable with white or metallic toner, but it can just as easily be foil printed for that special touch your customers are looking for.

Not only our deep black PET film gets a big brother. Our fluo yellow PET film, too, gets a thicker version of 366gsm: Expert 36FY. It’s ideal for POS and signage applications. Do you want something to be in the spotlight? Expert 36FY will draw the attention of your customers and will help you get the message across.

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