Grafische Vakbeurs

Join us at the Grafische Vakbeurs from 11 to 13 March in Gorinchem (The Netherlands).

You can find us at booth 206.


The laser print market is focused on the printing of paper but there is so much more. Think about the characteristics of scratch resistance, tear resistance, water resistance and a good light resistance. Think about all applications that are encapsulated, laminated…No more necessity to do this, just print and ready

Due to the unique coating properties and polyester substrate you avoid the need to laminate and still obtain its features.

AppFactory has built up the experience over the years on a global market and has come to the wide range of synthetic products as of today. For every sector in the market, there are products and solutions with AppFactory Expert range of products. There is no organization that should not have any need of one of the products from AppFactory.