Expert Floor Sticker with R10 anti-slip certification

Expert Floor Sticker
with R10 anti-slip certification




After several years of developments and in-depth, rigorous testing we are finally ready with a very durable floor sticker without the need to laminate and with an R10 anti-slip certification, designed specifically for dry toner digital presses.

We call it our Expert 22FS, a matt white textured R10 slip resistant dry toner print receptive PET film, with an optimised pressure sensitive adhesive ideal for certified anti-slip floor graphic applications such as directional or guiding floor signage in convention centres, schools, colleges & airports, "walk-on" advertisements in supermarkets, shopping malls & retail outlets. And of course, in the current sanitary crisis, suitable for indoor floor graphic for social distancing.



Our Expert floor sticker is suitable for most thermal transfer and dry toner (laser/LED/flash fusion) print processes, both mono and color small-volume, mid-volume & production machines. It has already been successfully tested on production machines such as Heidelberg, Konica Minolta, Xerox, OKI, Ricoh, HP and more.

Thanks to its unique sharkskin coating, it ensures optimal toner bonding and scratch resistance. Unlike other floor graphics, our Expert floor sticker doesn’t shrink and there’s no risk of the edge peeling or gumming up. Better yet, it’s easy to apply and remove - all in one piece and leaves no glue residue.


Why is there such a high demand for floor stickers…? An overview:

* The retail market needs signage for safety rules more than ever, next to their daily promotion signage

* The events market has been affected extremely and printers are looking for additional print jobs.

* The signage market is dominated by large format printers however LFP prints are more costly, time consuming and complicated to apply.

* It is a chance for commercial printers with digital presses to grab some share at the retail signage market and be cost and time efficient meanwhile.

* The R10 Anti-Slip Certification is a must according to the safety regulations of retail shop-fitting.

* There isn't any other certified product in the market for toner-based printers with an anti-slip certificate.

* Expert floor sticker is an ALL-IN-1 product with a R10 ANTI-SLIP certificate

* So there would not be a necessity to laminate and still obtain Anti-slip feature WHEREAS LFP market usually laminates vinyl in order to protect and create anti-slip.

* To apply laminated vinyl floor signage requires an application professional which is an additional cost and commute. Moreover it usually breaks into pieces when removing and the signage leaves ghosting when removed.

* To apply Expert Floor stickers is very easy for non-professionals due to stiffness and it can be applied without any bubbles. So printers don't need to send any application professionals. They can ship the prints to different franchises to be applied by the employees

* Same goes for removing, it can be removed in 1 piece by a shop employee without causing any trouble.

* Events organizations will be picking up again but there will be a new generation of event organizing with a lot of safety measurements. So printers will be also receiving a lot of demands to fulfil those needs.

* Business/production spaces will be also adapted, so this might be also another sector for printers to supply floor signage and companies that print in-house can print their own prints.

* Same goes for schools, museums, event halls, exhibition halls, hospitals, government buildings, etc.


Expert Floor Sticker with R10 anti-slip certification

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