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In times of a sanitary crisis, such as the Corona-pandemic, you want to be optimally prepared to protect your business as well as your customers. Many businesses needed to reinvent themselves and turned their focus in a different direction to stay ahead of the crisis. Of course, this was not an exercise they could do on their own as to survive a global crisis, you need a strong partner and an even stronger product that comply with very high customer needs and standards.




To fight viruses and protect your staff and your customers, you clearly need something more solid than regular paper. Meet our Expert synthetic paper!


Thanks to its proven resistance against disinfecting liquids, our Expert synthetic paper had clearly already proven its role in terms of durability and resistance in extreme circumstances in the past; however, in Covid-19 times, the added value of synthetic paper becomes even more important!

Unlike regular paper and other competitive materials, our Expert papers can be completely disinfected in a safe way without the print being rubbed off. In other words, you can keep your clear measures and signs intact and avoid the further spread of this dangerous virus by printing your durable documents, menus, signs and stickers on our Expert synthetic papers.




Our Expert papers are suitable for dry toner digital presses and have already been successfully tested on many small-volume, mid-volume & production machines. The unique features of our synthetic papers enable e.g. commercial printers with such digital presses to grab some market share of the retail signage market and remain cost- and time efficient meanwhile.







After several years of rigorous testing, we come to market with a very durable floor sticker without the need to laminate and with an R10 anti-slip certification, designed specifically and approved for dry toner digital presses.









Expert Floor Sticker with R10 Anti-slip certification

Our Expert 22FS is ideal for certified anti-slip floor graphic applications such as indoor directional or guiding floor signage in e.g. schools, gyms, offices, airports, "walk-on" advertisements in supermarkets and retailers. And of course, in the current sanitary crisis, suitable for indoor floor graphic for social distancing in hospitals, public and government buildings, museums, parks, warehouses, factories, parking garages etc.


Thanks to its unique textured coating, it ensures optimal toner bonding and scratch resistance. Unlike other floor graphics, our Expert floor sticker doesn’t shrink and there’s no risk of the edge peeling or gumming up. Better yet, it’s easy to apply and remove, even for non-professionals - all in one piece and leaves no glue residue 





Discover our Expert 36 matt white range

Our Expert print media has a paper “look & feel” but is of course much stronger and more durable. Our Expert papers consist of a polyester substrate with a unique coating that allows printing on both production printers and office printers without time-consuming and expensive post-treatments such as lamination and encapsulation.

Our Expert matte white films are available in various thicknesses and offer protection against Covid-19 due to their high resistance to disinfecting antibacterial liquids.


Unlike regular paper and other competitive materials, our Expert papers can be completely disinfected in a safe way without the print being rubbed off. Moreover, the new antimicrobial coating offers protection against viruses and bacteria, hence, our Expert 36 is ideal for Corona applications such as patient charts, information charts, sanitary instructions, retail signage, etc




Expert self-adhesives films – permanent and removable

Next to our matt white films, our Expert range also offers an extended selection of top-coated self-adhesive films, both with a high tack permanent adhesive - including a BS5609 Marine Immersion adhesive – and an ultra-removable adhesive, equally suitable for dry toner digital presses.

Our Expert self-adhesives films are available with a PET film release liner or a 140 gsm kraft paper release liner which make them ideal for long print runs from production to low to medium speed printers.


The Expert permanent adhesive range is available with a matt white surface, a gloss white surface as well as a clear gloss surface; whereas the ultra-removable range is available only with a matt white surface and a clear gloss surface.

As the top-coated surfaces have the same unique features in terms of durability and resistance as the matt white films, such extended selection of self-adhesives can be applied to a large variety of applications in the current sanitary crisis, such as patient stickers, warning signage, medical labels, vaccine bottle labels, etc.






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